Life at Sea Cruises - the ship the MV Lara

Life at Sea Cruises: 3 Years Around the World

Have you ever had a moment in your life where you think: “Wow, I never saw that coming!”?

This sums up how 2023 has been for me. 

It all started with a comment I saw on a post in a Facebook group (I think, because I truly can’t remember). That post set a plan into motion and is now being executed to the fullest extent.

For the next 3 years, I’ll be traveling around the world, to all 7 continents, on a cruise ship with Life at Sea Cruises!

Yep! Crazy right? 

Someone pinch me because this is so surreal!
The best part?

My business is coming along with me, and so are you (if you want, that is)!

How Did I Get Here?

Ok, ok, let’s back it up a second, shall we?

Traveling has always been something I’ve wanted to do in my life. The ability to experience other cultures; the food, languages, customs, and celebrations; the history of it all, and the way their lives differ from mine, has always drawn me in.

The only problem was that for many years it took a backseat to my career. 

For the first 10 years after I graduated college, I worked 7 days a week in the world of athletics. 

Yes, I did get to travel around the U.S. with my job, but there was never a period where I could take an extended vacation and travel abroad. 

Then, when my circumstances changed in 2019 and I started my own online business, I had the ability of helping people who lived and worked anywhere (mainly in the US) all while I lived in Oklahoma or was visiting friends, family, or vacationing across the country. 

It was amazing! There have been plenty of ups and downs as a business owner but the truth is, I love what I do. 

So when I saw the information about this trip, I initially thought it was an outstanding opportunity and truly the adventure of a lifetime. 

Originally, I didn’t think this would be something that I could do.

But I couldn’t stop looking at the itinerary and thinking about everything the passengers were going to experience. I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing it would be to join this trip. 

The Process

So I started digging. 

I got out a pen and some paper, ran the numbers, did some projections, and in no time, I knew exactly how I could not only take my business along for the ride but also how I could grow it over the next few years. 

Suddenly, my dreams of traveling felt like a real possibility. 

I reached out to the Life at Sea Cruises sales team and was connected with a fantastic woman who helped me understand the process of what all I’d need to do/purchase, and figure out my next steps forward.

Life at Sea Cruises - the ship the MV Lara

And The Adventure Begins!

I put down my deposit and got started with the crazy list that was/is happening as I write.

There are a lot of moving pieces in this process.

I let go of my apartment, sold the majority of my belongings (including my car), moved home to be with my family for a couple months, and began checking off the items on my list.

First, I made sure my passport is up to date and has enough pages for the requirements of the countries we’ll be visiting.

The next step is getting visas. We are going to 140 countries so figuring out which countries need a physical visa, an electronic visa, or just a visa upon arrival takes some time. 
*Protip: Getting a Chinese visa in particular is an ordeal. Plan ahead.

What about packing? Being gone for three years presents big questions about what to pack. We’re going to be primarily in summer or in warmer weather (except Antarctica!) so I’m mostly taking summer clothing, and adding in a few pieces for cooler weather just in case.  

Then, I had to figure out what to do about my phone plan and medical insurance. 
There are still a few conflicting answers on both of these fronts. I’ll keep you updated but as of right now, I’m keeping my phone and plan, and I’m still working on the insurance.

The items I listed here are just some of the components to getting ready to leave the country for an extended period of time. Being the first crew to take off on this long of an international cruise is going to present some challenges along the way; the best thing we can do is be flexible and open to changes. 

What About My Clients?

The only thing left to do was to ensure I could sustain my business while being abroad.

There were some big conversations that had to happen. 

Luckily, I have some really incredible clients and ‘co-workers’/other freelancers I get to work with (and that’s putting it lightly). 

I have regular meetings with my clients and those I outsource to, and being able to have open communication with them on a regular basis helps us set the tone of our relationship. 

I have been with my clients for years now and we have built relationships that are open, honest, and we truly want the best for each other – even though I technically work for them. The best part is, we know we’re human. We know we’re not perfect, we’ve made mistakes along the way, and have grown through the process of working together to create lasting relationships.

These conversations were very simple and my clients were just as excited for me as I am! 

We talked about what the ‘new routine’ will look like and how our calls will be scheduled moving forward. Most of the work I do for them are things I can work on ahead of the due date. 

The itinerary on the cruise ship allows me to put my schedule into a routine. 

We have both days on shore, and days at sea on the ship. 

The days on the cruise ship will allow me to continue my work just as I have been. I actually prefer to work ahead for my clients so this will help us in the long run. 

The days on shore are ‘me days’ where I get to go explore!

That’s not to say that there won’t be some days I’m ashore and will be working on client items; it’ll just be at my discretion and not the norm.

My suitcases packed for 3 years for my adventure with Life at Sea Cruises.

The Destinations

The next 3 years I’ll be calling the MV Lara my home. This cruise ship is part of the Miray International/ Miray Cruises family. They’re home base is out of Istanbul, so my first destination (and first international trip) is Istanbul at the end of October 2023. 

There, we’ll celebrate Istanbul’s Centennial and all the celebrations it brings before we embark on the three year journey. 

Our voyage will take us to amazing places such as Tokyo, Santorini, Fiji, Sydney, Seychelles, Morocco, Paris, Vietnam, London, Honolulu, Barcelona, and so many more.

And for me, there are a lot of places I had to look up on a map (sorry Mr. Cruson, I still don’t know my geography).  Places like Palau, Brunei, Vanuatu, Tenerife, Reunion, New Caledonia, Mayotte, and Aland just to name a few. 
If you’re curious about the magnificent itinerary, click here to check out all the places the cruise ship will take us. I can’t wait to share my experience with all of you.

Stay Tuned!

This is just the beginning of my next adventure. It’s one that I have dreamt of for so long and is now (at last!) coming to fruition.

I’ll be sharing all sorts of information here about the places I’m going, the things I’m experiencing, but also how my work is continuing and making this a reality for me.

If you want to stay in the know and get the latest information about my Life at Sea Cruises adventure, click below for the ways you can follow along!