Hi, I’m Lindsay!

I’m a small-town Oklahoma girl and I knew from a very young age that I was going to travel and see the world. I was not meant to stay in one place for very long and if you ask my parents, all my moves across the country reflect that very sentiment.

The story goes like this…
I grew up in a small town, and for some reason, decided I wanted to speak French. I was going to travel to Paris, see the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, and be immersed in the culture.

Well, we all know life doesn’t actually play out like we want it to as a kid, so even though I took 2 years of French in high school, I can still barely get by with a few phrases.

After high school, I followed one career path that I LOVED (and one that combined a couple of my passions) and ten years plus a lot of student loan debt later, I have seen a large portion of the United States but have still never actually used my passport.

Then What Happened?

After ten years in a single career, I found myself making a shift. I went into a different, but not totally separate, career that still allowed me to use most of the skills I had learned and studied for so long. What I quickly found was this job was very similar. Long days, lots of weekends working, and still no real time for any other passions.

Three years in, I quit my job.

And Then the World Shut Down.

The year of 2020 was revolutionary for me. I quit my job in October of 2019, moved 16 hours back home (and in with my parents), and that’s where I ‘got stuck’ during Covid.

I was more than capable of working, and have had some pretty strange jobs, but there weren’t any places taking new employees. I had to figure something out.

*Enter … some soul searching, a plot twist, and some motivating music!*

From working 7 days a week (and on call 24 hrs/day), I took my work ethic and ‘can do (or will figure it out) spirit’ and started working for myself from my laptop.

What’s a VA?

Most people by now have heard of a Virtual Assistant, but just 3 short years ago, that wasn’t the case. My previous careers both had one core thing in common – I like helping people. So, I took a small course, figured out I had a lot of skills that would transfer into a new career, and I was off!

I was open to trying just about anything that came my way as there are a vast number of services someone can provide as a virtual assistant. If you think I’m joking, just read this list.

I found some things that I definitely didn’t want to offer my clients, but surprisingly found some I really like (and am good at!) that I never thought in a million years I’d be doing/creating/offering. *Nobody puts baby in a corner.*

This has allowed me to create time and location freedom all while working from WIFI or my hotspot.

I’ll be sharing some of my tips (and lessons!) I’ve learned along the way of starting my own business and working as a VA for some interesting people.

Where I’ve Lived and Traveled

If you’ve been counting, I am currently in my third career. I have lived in 6 different states and that’s barely squeaking in under the number of states I still haven’t traveled to – at 7. We could do this chronologically, but to make it easier to read, let’s just go alphabetical. The * denotes states I’ve yet to explore.

Alabama ✔️
Arizona ✔️
Arkansas – lived here 1 yr
California ✔️
Colorado ✔️
Connecticut ✔️
Delaware ✔️
Florida ✔️
Georgia ✔️
Hawaii ✔️
Illinois – lived here 3 yrs
Indiana ✔️
Iowa ✔️
Kansas – lived here 1 yr
Kentucky ✔️

Louisiana ✔️
Maryland ✔️
Massachusetts ✔️
Minnesota ✔️
Mississippi ✔️
Missouri ✔️
Nebraska ✔️
Nevada ✔️
*New Hampshire*
New Jersey ✔️
New Mexico ✔️
New York ✔️
North Carolina ✔️

North Dakota ✔️
Ohio ✔️
Oklahoma – 💙 Home
Oregon ✔️
Pennsylvania ✔️
Rhode Island ✔️
South Carolina ✔️
South Dakota ✔️
Tennessee ✔️
Texas – lived here 4 yrs
Utah – lived here 4 mo
Virginia ✔️
Washington ✔️
West Virginia ✔️
Wisconsin ✔️
Wyoming ✔️

About This Blog

Through this blog, I want to empower others who have yet to book the flight or take a chance on themselves. I’ll be showing you easy ways to generate income and keep a business running all while getting to see the world.

Have a question about something? Want to talk about starting your own online business?

Let me know! Seriously.
My mom was a teacher for 33 ½ years and she always said that if you have a question, there’s a good chance someone else probably has the same one.

Thanks for Hanging Out

Other than that little tidbit of info (hah!), I’m just a girl who has decided to follow her passion. I’m quirky. I love good movie lines and will bust out in song about almost anything. And if you don’t think chips and salsa are an actual food group, we can’t be friends… jk, of course we can. We’re just on thin ice 😉  

Thank you for joining me on this crazy journey. I’m always just a message away!
xo – L

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